Hello Folks! My name is Hernán, 

I am a UX/UI designer and
this is my portfolio

Selected Projects

These are some of my works

Coffee Finder App - Login

Coffee Finder App

Ux/Ui Design Case Study

Designing an App from scratch. It started from the brief, to build the MVP, creating personas, wireframing, testing, and creating lo, mid and high fi prototypes till getting to the final result.

What if yellow walkman was an app?

Design Concept

The exercise consisted in recreate a vintage element as the walkman and to figure it out how would work nowadays. The investigation started with the analysis of the walkman, colors, typography and functions and transformed them into a music player app. The result was this beautiful aesthetic music platform.

Sunwave Eyewear Web Design

UI Design Case Study

The job was to design the website of an eyewear brand, based on the latest design trends and making the site easy to navigate. Based on the UX and UI principles i´ve built this e-commerce where you can easily see each product in detail.

logo marques de almeida